Adbhuta - Extraordinary, supernatural, wonderful, marvelous

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mfn. extraordinary, supernatural , wonderful , marvellous
m. the marvellous (in style), m. surprise, N. of the indra of the ninth manvantara, n. a marvel , a wonder , a prodigy.

The Spielberg Face

A wonderful article by Kevin B. Lee in FANDOR. Essential Viewing: The Spielberg Face

If there is one recurring image that defines the cinema of Steven Spielberg, it is The Spielberg Face. Eyes open, staring in wordless wonder in a moment where time stands still. But above all, a child-like surrender in the act of watching, both theirs and ours. It’s as if their total submission to what they are seeing mirrors our own.

Hidden Majesty of Everyday Phenomena

These high-speed photographs of milk droplets hitting coffee remind me of meditation. Sometimes in the midst of a breath, thinking a thought, listening to a sound, everything pauses. Or perception speeds up and the majesty is revealed.

Found by Mark Frauenfelder at - thanks, Mark and TechBlog!

For me over the years, the most reliable side-effect of meditation is enhanced perception, especially visual and kinaesthetic. I can count on meditation enriching the way I see the world and enjoy colors. I do not experience "stop-motion," but something akin to it, and it's enchanting.