Anger arises when a desire is blocked. It is very unhealthy to block anger during meditation – that only further suppresses the desire that anger is seeking to energize. People who block anger and desire tend to become passive, enervated, lackluster.

Dimensions of Anger

Anger has many tones – sometimes we catch the desire, and the blockage to the desire, early enough and we feel simple frustration. Then we can ride the impulse back toward the desire itself, and invent a way around the obstacles. Other times, encountering an obstacle reminds us of all the OTHER times our desires have been frustrated, and we can fly into a rage.

Working with Anger

Anger is tough. The energy of anger is there like four-wheel-drive, or a turbo-charge, to help you break out of a rut or break through a wall or opposition. Anger is there to help you stand your ground, protect your boundaries, protect those you love, say your piece.

Anger does not feel "meditative," but we can track its motion, notice the way it activates our energy centers, and we can witness the planning of action sequences that would satisfy the anger. In meditation, be on the side of the anger, then go deeper, and feel the original desire, and let the intelligence of that desire teach you how to fulfill it.