Love is a mighty force that flows through our bodies, inspires our senses, and relates us to others and the universe in delightful and terrifying ways. We can feel love in every cell of our bodies, and even in the space between us and others. Love is a magnetism permeating space and time.

Kinds of Love

Our English word love is thought to come to us from Sanskrit lubh, and/or the Persian luvu. The ancient Greek had a nifty love triangle: three words for love: eros, agape, and philia.

Eros is erotic love, a passionate and intense desire for something. Eros can be sexual desire, and is often used to refer to "simple" sexual desire or "just sex." Eros is much more and has a transcendental aspect – if we follow the current of sexual desire into its essence, we find we are loving the divine forms of things, and being carried toward union with the divine.

Agape is compassion, a spiritual love, love for all humanity.

Philia or philos is movement toward and attraction to, as in audiophile (someone who loves high-quality music). Francophile is someone who loves all things French.

I find it amusing that the English word agape, which means, "with the mouth wide open," and "in a state of wonder or amazement," has the same spelling as agape, spiritual love.

The nuances of love are infinite and continually changing:
erotic joy
sublime pleasure

When we meditate, we may as well use a focus that we love, and we may as well allow ourselves to learn to love the focus in continually new and refreshing ways.


Study what you love most about breath – the way lovers breathe on each other, the way the air smells before dawn.
The way the smell of your morning cup of coffee, or favorite pizza, illuminates your brain.
The smell of the ocean when waves are breaking.
The freshness in the air when you are in the mountains or forest.

Visual Imagery - Yantra Mandala

The colors you love the most
Shimmering with the frequency you love
In the patterns you feel akin to
In the spaces of your visual field you prefer


The vowel sounds you adore
Resonating in the way you like
Allowing the rhythm to refresh itself continually
Changing and fading away
Becoming louder and softer

If you leave yourself alone, and simply encourage yourself to enjoy meditation, you will tend to discover what you love. Your body will teach you, breath and vision and mantra will teach you continually how to be in love.