Caryagita, Singing the Body Electric, Songs of Realization


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  • Caryagita ("singing with the body"). The term Nata was later re- adopted by Hinduism to represent the secular art of dance, mime and movement used especially to enact legendary Vedic religious themes ...
    A later offshoot of Nata was called
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  • Caryagita manuscript, are accompanied by an elaborate commentary in which this esoteric meaning is explained. For example, a song describing a vind ...
    Both the vajragita given as an example in the Hevajra Tantra, and the songs of the
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  • Caryagita" by Kvaerne (1977) proves them mistaken. Instead, the craftsmen ofUkuBaha operated visu, taking for their models either the statues extant in the shrines and temples of the Valley, ...
    Reference to the translation of the "
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  • Nagendra - 1986 - 258 pages - Snippet view
  • Caryagita of Bengali had its origin possibly between the 10th & the 12th centuries; the earliest writings of Assamese language beautifully represented by the Prahlada-carita and the Har-Gauri-Samvada of Hema Saraswati belong most ...
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  • Caryagita of Palden Lhamo composed by Tathagatavajra of Kvabahal of Patan (twelveth century). Although we cannot take these legends as historic facts at their face value, they definitely give ...
    This information was found in a colophon of
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  • Caryagita dedicated to ...
    One of the peculiar feature of this deity is that she has an excrescence near the right ear, which resembles the face of a sow hence her name Vajravarahi. Her worship is very popular in Nepal. There are numerous
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  • Caryagita dedicated to Adi Ganesh is still sung by Vajracharyas during Ganacakra ceremonies. In Tibetan Sakyapa tradition twelve-armed Red Ganesh is recognized as one of the Dharmapala deities. The Sadhanamala gives an account

Newar Buddhist Vajracaryas used to sing this Caryagtita while performing Gurumandalarcana kriya (rituals) for the worship of Adi-Buddha Vajrasattva. 20. It is sung while dancing during the worship of Heruka. 21. This caryagita is to be sung along with dancing showing the gestures of Hand (hastamudra). It is done while performing the worship of Cakrasamvara, the tutelary deity of Vajracaryas and Shakyas of Nepal.

Caryagita of Advayavajra  
No.1. Title: Madhyemeru Raga: Bhairavi Tala: Jhapa

Sarovarstha sphatikasya mandale
saroruhesam karamarcayanti/
Taro prayoga rati vandha gita gauri
tanunarada bharaviyam//
Madhyemeru mahamani kanaka rajite purva videha jala jambudvipe/
apare godayami uttar kuru bhuvane/
panca varna pancajina vyapiyare-name pance buddhism
visva srijita visvahita visvabhura panca murtih/
asta dvipanala vahanti jing manasa/
harantu bhaya timira ghana ghora rure//
jata vedanase ya updvipa ra updvipa pari jantu jane/
svasa ralla updvipa cau vidigam bhuvane va upa dvipa sri khanda parasu//
dvirada vala praciyanara rudhira yaciya sapta asta dara cumbiyare//
ava ralla udicya sayakam cakra/
maniu kupa nidhi nikhila vedayanti//
gurucaranaq tribhalasa bhagti pari bhavana pranava pari bghavayi saptapri purita/bhava jala nidhia sakala sentu bhutam//(20)


Songs of Realization

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  • This book is the first commentary in Western literature on the "Mgur 'bum," or "Collected Songs of Spiritual Realization," of the great Tibetan scholar and siddha, Skal ldan rgya mtsho (1607-1677).
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  • SONG OF REALIZATION Obeisance to all Gurus The Jetsun Milarepa returned to Nya Non from the Happy Town of Mang Yul. His former patrons were all delighted [to see him again] and begged him to stay in Nya Non permanently. ...
    ^a§'i 13 THE
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  • Songs of Realization All songs from Songs of Realization, text © 2002 Marpa Translation Committee and Khenpo Tsiiltrim Gyamtso Rinpoche. Individual songs © 2003 by the translator of that song. ...
    Appendix II: Vajra
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  • Here, the Tibetan Buddhist teacher who’s known for his joyous, spontaneous songs of realization presents the teachings for which he is known best, in three areas: traditional analytical inquiry, songs of realization, and altruistic ...
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  • songs of realization. The first song is called The Wall Song and was first sung by His Holiness while constructing the Great Copper-Colored Mountain Temple in his homeland of Kongpo, in Buchu, Tibet. ...
    The next four songs are called gur,
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  • song we find not only the forest elephant used as a symbol, but its binding straps, food, ornaments, captivity, and finally escape all employed to symbolize the process of spiritual realization.35 ...
    Thus, in the dfia ̄kinı ̄ Tamala's
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  • Realizing the Continuo (1959) in PurcelTs Songs In practically every one of our concerts, given the length of ... Never have I attempted the ultimate realization of any of these songs. Since the accompaniments were originally ...
    51 On
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  • songs of realization by Tibet's great masters, ...
    A Song for the King The literature of mahamudra consists of Indian spiritual songs, such as the Three Spiritual Songs of Saraha, the Ganges Mahamudra of Tilopa, and many similar
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  • song of realization expressing her insights into ultimate reality.72 It is ...
    After the external offerings to deity, Blissful Corpse-Eater distributed sacramental grape wine to the participants and requested each woman present to sing a
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  • realization of all buddhas. To fully awaken to this natural state, ... It is really nothing other than a matter of first recognizing, then fully training in and realizing in actuality, ...
    Our basic nature is in itself the state of